Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yay! Another Reason to Hate Yoko Ono!

Sweet googly moogly, what the blessed fuck is going on with Yoko Ono?  It's not bad enough that this bitch of questionable talent is riding her dead husband's name (cough - Courtney Love- cough), and it's not bad enough that she's tea bagging of the memory of the Beatles with Cirque du Soleil Vegas glitter, but this bitch has to rape the environment as well.

Oh whoopee.  

I usually go to TreeHugger to see how I can help the environment, things to avoid, and products to support for their good karma.  They posted this wonderful reason (source: ContactMusic) to bitch slap Yoko so hard, she'll think she got fisted by Godzilla.  I guess giving peace and love a chance is cool with this dried up goat as long as she gets to rape the environment in her Bentley Armitage.  

Someone please dip this bitch in caustic lye, dump her in a compost pile, and take a shit on her.  Believe you me, I'm all for good karma, but for the way she's shitting on John Lennon AND her inability to understand that we must do what we can to save the planet, I hope Yoko Ono's last memory is trying to scrape the dough for meth.


Anonymous said...

This is so sad to read. You have so much apparent hate for a woman who did absolutely nothing to you, my friend. please take a deep breath and think about it. Is it worth it to be sitting here writing an article about a mere lady that you HATE for stupid reasons? No, it isn't. You don't know Yoko, as far as I know, so don't be hating on her for some stupid reason. That's all I have to say. I hope peace will be with you.

Seoul Brother said...

I was going to delete your comment because you're a chickenshit coward who would hide behind "Anonymous." However, I'm bigger than that, so while I will leave your cowardly little comment up, let me say that if I chose to hate Yoko Ono for her selfish reasons of abusing the environment with her precious Bentley, then so be it. Those are my reasons.

You are NOT an internet vigilante. You are NOT an erudite music critic. You are NOT the proverbial 800 lb. gorilla commanding respect by sheer physical presence alone. You very well may be a fat fuck. You very well may be a music critic. But see, this is MY BLOG. If you don't like it, don't visit. I don't shit in your house, so don't fucking shit in mine.

My hatred for Yoko extends to all selfish fucking assholes who don't do what they can for the environment. I'm not suggesting that you divest yourself entirely from the evils of environmental pollution. That's not feasible. It's noble, but not feasible. No, you have to do what you can.

Yoko is in an ideal position to take what her dead husband has created as an audience and use that to create something bigger and better than herself and John combined. What - every Christmas, I see a full page ad in the New York Times to proclaim "NO MORE WAR"? That's it? While this selfish cunt gets to ride in the lap of luxury? I want to know, goddamnit. If she doesn't want the limelight, she should stay the fuck out of the press and be a selfish fucking cunt. It's not like she actually has to be creative or work for anything (and no, raking in buttloads of royalties off of iTunes and "Rock Band" video games & peripheral devices don't count).

I know lots of selfish pricks in New York City, but she is a celebrity, so anything she says draws attention to her. DEAL WITH IT. Of course, this is my opinion, and this is my fucking blog, so if you don't like it, walk the fuck away, asshole. If you want to start a fight, be prepared to finish it. Don't be a little fucking bitch and hit & run.

And in case you still don't fucking get it, let me spell it out for you. If you want to be self-destructive, I have no reason or right to infringe upon your willingness to lead your life in however a manner you see fit. This is assuming of course that you fuck yourself up and do NOT affect others. If you want to off yourself in McDonalds, be my fucking guest. If you off yourself with a gun, certainly you could do that. But if someone else takes collateral damage because you didn't know where and how to pull the trigger, then you are a fucking idiot. Maybe you just don't care.

My point is this - If Yoko Ono wants to be a self-destructive bitch, I have no right to say how she wants to lead her life as long as she fucks just herself up. However, her selfish choice affects others. She of all people should fucking well know that she is in a position to affect how others think. People are buying a particular style of eyeglass frames because she licensed them as the ones her dead husband famously wore.

No, she wants to be comfortable. She wants to ride in the lap of luxury at the cost of fucking up the environment. She may not be directly affecting me, but she is fucking up the air I breathe. You cannot remove yourself from all evils against the environment, but you can lessen your impact and hope that you leave this world in a better state than when you entered it.

I would only ask that you divest yourself from any sort of "Anonymous" protective shield and defend your positions as an honorable person. I would certainly treat you as such. I have always believed that there must be respect between adversaries. But from what I've seen of your opinions, this is beyond your comprehension. Deal with it you fucking cowardly little cunt.