Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Burn in Hell, Michael Vick

Sweet merciful crap, with each day, I'm learning more about what a simple moronic bitch Michael Vick is. I'm stunned by the completely disingenuous bullshit statement he gave after pleading guilty on Monday, August 27th, 2007. So he found Jesus. Whoopee. This is an insult to anybody who has faith like my girlfriend's mom. She genuinely has the faith. I don't agree with a lot of shit that goes on with the Roman Catholic Church, but hey, if it works for her, more power to her. I respect the strength of her convictions as I would respect those of anybody else as long as they don't infringe upon my rights or  my peace of mind. His bullshit "I did a lot of heinous shit, but hey it's ok, I found Jesus" statement also insults the memory of much better men like Malcolm X and even a heinous criminal like Sanyika Shakur (born Kody Scott), a former member of the Eight Tray Crips, It's possible to do far worse than Michael Vick and still find redemption, but examples like Sanyika Shakur are absolultely rare.

Michael Vick didn't admit guilt or voluntarily stop Bad Newz Kennels before it effectively ended his career in the NFL. He apparently had good enough legal counsel to plead to the lesser charges he's facing. Still, I hope that upon cross-examination and once the evidence of the case comes out, he is revealed for murdering animals AND gambling on their deaths - two allegations he has denied. As reported in the DailyPress, Michael Boddie, his own father, stated that Vick has been running dogfighting since 2001, the same year he entered the NFL draft. I find it suspect that Mr. Boddie didn't do anything to stop the dogfights, and that he pleaded with his son to at least try and have the property for Bad Newz Kennels put in his friends' names to avoid legal trouble. He should have listened to this smart, if morally bankrupt advice. I sincerely hope that Michael Vick suffer as much as possible. It's bad enough that Pit Bull Terriers and similar breeds have bad reputations, but he has made it even harder for people to see them as anything but killing machines.

Long before this shit hit the fan, I remember walking up 3rd Ave heading home one day. I saw a 3-legged Pit Bull tethered by its leash just outside a bagel shop. She was absolutely adorable with clear eyes and she bounded towards me for a hug. When the owner came out, he told me how he volunteered at a shelter and he got to know her and made it his mission to rehabilitate her. She gradually warmed up to him and got over whatever fear she had of people. For whatever reasons, he was unable to adopt her right away, and one day he found out that the dog had not only been transferred to a different shelter, the head of that shelter apparently was incredibly afraid of Pit Bulls, because she wasn't given much time to live if nobody adopted her. When this guy found out and with the help of the head of the shelter he worked at, he did everything he could to rescue her... and he did. I shook his hand, thanked him for what he did, went home, and cried. She is a happy playful creature. She has been shit on by whomever took her leg from her. She has been shit on by the system, and yet there were at least two people who belived in her and felt that she was worth fighting for.

And Michael Vick has shit on all of that. I would sincerely like to believe that he is capable of redeeming himself. Sanyika Shakur had been convicted of crimes so heinous, that he spent 4 years in solitary confinment at Pelican Bay State Prison. Somewhere in his incarceration, he found redemption. Unfortuantely he was arrested on March 7th 2007 for beating a man in attempting to steal his car. While this has surely may force other's to question if he really did find redemption, he tried, and he continues to try to make more of himself than a thug. Michael Vick has had a rough life, but he has an incredible amount of resources, he has fucked up a number of times, and he has never learned ONCE. I am not, nor was I ever a fan of Michael Vick's. He is just another idiot athelete who would rather give into shitloads of money than complete 4 years of college. I feel great sympathy for anyone who was a fan of his and feels betrayed.

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