Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mighty Saku the Weed Wacker

This is Sakuraba Kazushi, one of the most loved and respected mixed martial arts fighters of all time. He is known as "The Gracie Hunter" for having fought and defeated some of the most feared fighters in the Gracie family. He is goofy and brings a wonderfully lighthearted sense of humor to a decidedly brutal sport. He also has some incredible moves, and if you get the chance, I'd highly recommend you look for DVDs of the early Pride F/C matches he fought in.

When my girlfriend and I got our first guinea pig, we thought long and hard about what to name him. We didn't want to go with the usual cutesy crap, and it dawned on me. Saku. Trust me, it fits the lil guy's personality, and I would hope that Sakuraba-san would approve.

This is clip of Saku going medieval on some organic dandelion greens. So far he nibbles away at most anything, but lordamighty, he inhaled the weeds.

Cute lil booger, isn't he?


Mr Flapper Duck's Human said...

Ha ha ha ha. WHERE are those dandylion greens GOING? They just disappear! Hee hee. Super cute. Thanks for uploading. Love the laughter in the background, too.

Seoul Brother said...

Well see those little black nuggets? Saku and his buddy Mariusz (in the other cage) are quite prolific in their pooping. Enough so that I can collect them, mix them up with coir (shredded coconut husk fibers) and potting soil to make an especially rich growing medium. There's a couple of pots of wheatgrass by the window. Not only do Saku and Mariusz love wheatgrass, but Tweak & Peepers (our conures) love the stuff too.