Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Beverly Hills Police Officer D. Prenesti Is an Asshole

I have a great amount of respect for the police. While there are lots of cases of cops abusing their power from thugs like Bernard Kerik on down to cops who are little more than street thugs with badges like the scum responsible for the arrest and torture of Abner Louima, it is grossly irresponsible to assume that all cops are as bad as them. There are going to be abuses of power at any level, and we cannot confuse the abusers with those that do the badge and the job great honor.

That having been said, I sincerely think that Beverly Hills Police Officer D. Prenesti #421, serial no. 74700 is an asshole. Officer Prenesti is the kind of scum without compassion, sympathy, and the intelligence you'd find in a compost heap. Roughly two weeks ago, a cyclist was nearly broadsided by some fuckwit in a Black Ford Explorer in Beverly Hills.  According to the story on DrunkCyclist (and in detail on and in greater detail on When the police arrived, the jackass officer (Beverly Hills Police Officer D. Prenesti #421, serial no. 74700) was abusive to the point where I would damn well hope that this "Officer" loses his badge or at the very least gets humiliated and demoted for a gross dereliction of duty. Officer D. Prenesti is nothing more than a thug with a badge. This bully showed no compassion for the cyclist, and he ignored any possible explanation to suggest that the SUV driver was at fault. On top of that, his gross insensitivity to the cyclist nearly drove her to tears, and at no point in any of these stories did I read ONE FUCKING WORD about how the officer called in for an ambulance or at least asked if the cyclist required medical assistance. And he mocked the cyclist by saying "You quote me the section of code that she violated and then I'll write her a ticket." Maybe I missed that part of civics class where it said that it was the citizen's responsibility to know the law better than the police.

Even if you don't live in and/or near Beverly Hills, remember that there are lots of things you can do. Election Day is creeping up, and I'm damn well sure that elected officials in Beverly Hills don't want or need an embarassment of this size.

1)Make Calls to the following numbers:
Beverly Hills City - Operations Bureau, Police Department: (310) 285-2101
Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce: (310) 248-1000
Beverly Hills City - Library, Mayor and City Council: (310) 285-1013

2)Email the follpwing public officials:
Mayor Jimmy Delshad -
Vice Mayor Barry Brucker -
Councilmember Linda J. Briskman -
Councilmember Frank M. Fenton -
Councilmember Nancy Krasne -
City Manager Roderick J. Wood -
BH Police Chief David L. Snowden -

Remember to report Citing officer: D. Prenesti #421, serial no. 74700

3) Contact the Press:
If you know anyone in the press, by all means tell them about this travesty of justice.

I have great sympathy for the police. They are providing a public service that not many are willing to do, and they are doing it under severe conditions. Your average NYC Cop has to wear a level 3 bullet resistant vest at all times, and it is strongly suggested that they wear the added reinforcement of a "shock plate," (a thin metallic plate to add even more protection). No matter what the weather is like, that along with the standard issue equipment is heavy. On top of that, each cop has to unfairly bear the burden of dirty, corrupt, and/or moronic cops like Beverly Hills Police Officer D. Prenesti #421, serial no. 74700. It is grossly unfair to think that all cops are like Officer Prenesti, but then again, Officer Prenesti is a scumbag who deserves to be exposed for the heartless thug he is.



Hey cheif I am going to steal this and post it for all to read and hopeful do something

Seoul Brother said...

Be my guest, rookie. I have more than plenty of respect and admiration for any man or woman willing to put on a level 3 bullet resistant vest (with shock plate) to keep the peace, but an asshole like Officer Prenesti deserves to be savagely humiliated for the cockeyed moron he really is.