Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Once More with Feeling - Impeach Bush & Cheney

One of the unparalelled joys I have online (get your minds out of the friggin' gutter, you perverts) is DrunkCyclist.  Big Jonny, the dude who runs it, is passionate about a great many things, but he is especially driven to expose bullshit in politics.  I believe that Big Jonny would be as equally vocal against a Democratic President who screwed over America as he is about Bush & Cheney.  

I have RARELY if ever seen a group as eloquent, angry, and direct as DrunkCyclist when they air their grievances against the government.  The only other people I trust to give me the straight poop are Bill Maher, Lewis Black, and Jon Stewart.  Even when DrunkCyclist simply throws up links, it's usually dead on target, funny as hell, or sometimes both.  In this case, there's a great YouTube video that adds to the damning call to punish the Bush Administration  across the board.  Check it out here.  Forward it to everyone.  

Get angrier than you've ever been before, and do something about this bullshit.

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